Code Violation

A construction project can be a trap for the unsuspecting building owner since contractors often take shortcuts and perform work which is not up to code. Local Building Inspectors and Code Enforcers are given tremendous power to issue citations and fines to property and business owners for violations of the building, electrical and fire codes. With the economic downturn and lack of construction projects to oversee these inspectors are looking for ways to keep themselves busy during the day, generate revenue for their town, and avoid their own department layoffs. Unfortunately for property and business owners this means they are increasingly driving around looking for even the smallest code violation. If you receive a building department summons to appear in Court, you need an experienced lawyer, with experience dealing with the building departments and their inspectors. If you receive notice of a violation, the fact that this violation has been in existence for many years is not a defense against the inspector’s notice.

When receiving a summons for an alleged town or village code violation, you could be facing grave fines and serious consequences. Since town and village code violations are prosecuted as criminal cases in New York, it pays to have an experienced lawyer on your side.  At Law firm BARAM & KAISER, ESQS, Attorneys at Law, Building Violations lawyers routinely handle issues and violations with the local building departments. Our attorneys often appear in Court and amicably resolve building code issues in the local town and city Courts all over New York.