Financial Issues

Finances play an active role in your daily life whether you wish to start a new business, buy real estate or decide on how to invest for your retirement. Should you wish to make a large purchase, choosing the right bank or financial institution is very important. Also crucial is addressing credit problems, whether you have mortgages, liens or collections companies calling you. The competency of the financial institution and the quality of your credit are key features for personal and business financial matters. Issues with financial institutions—including banks, credit card issuers and mortgage lenders—occur when consumers are not properly informed about the fees and other risks associated with their accounts or when the financial institution fails to uphold its end of a contract.

Financial law encompasses a wide variety of topics, including consumer fraud, violations of consumer protection laws and stock fraud. Banks and other financial institutions are governed by federal and state laws and regulations to ensure consumers and investors are protected from violations of financial law. Although there are many laws designed to protect consumers and investors, including the Consumer Credit Protection Act and ERISA, consumers may still find themselves unknowingly affected by investment scams, financial fraud, non-disclosure of financial solvency, or illegal lending practices. When the stakes are high, trust in the financial lawyer at Law firm BARAM & KAISER, ESQS, Attorneys at Law for the powerful and compassionate legal representation you need.