Land Use

BARAM & KAISER is a law firm specializing in zoning and land use in Nassau and ______ County.  Our clients include developers, lenders, owners, purchasers, tenants, law firms, architects, condo and coop boards, public authorities, community and civic groups and other parties involved in land use.  We offer a full range of legal services relating to land use, including zoning due diligence and analysis, transactional and litigation support, strategic advice, zoning opinions and letters, purchase and sale of development rights, and as-of-right and discretionary agency approvals.  We practice before the _________________ Board in long Island.

We can answer all of the questions you have about zoning and land use, and can represent your best interests through every step of the process. The success of your land use or variance application relies on finding an experienced attorney – you’ll find one at the Law firm BARAM & KAISER, ESQS, Attorneys at Law.  Our land use attorney deals with real estate, environmental, and administrative law as well as constitutional law, public policy and politics, in figuring out how land should be used.