Zoning is the way that governments control the physical development of land and the kinds of uses to which each individual property may be put, and typically specify the areas in which residential, industrial, recreational or commercial activities may take place.  Zoning regulations and building requirements in New York can be complicated. Any violations or failure to obtain permission could result in serious penalties and consequences. Failure to obtain necessary permits or variances could delay or impede your business objectives. At Law firm BARAM & KAISER, ESQS, Attorneys at Law, we are experienced in zoning law and can help you protect your investments and prevent disputes. Our clients include developers, lenders, property owners, landlords, tenants, architects, condo and co-op boards and public authorities in the New York City area.

Our real estate attorneys can assist you in pursuing a change in zoning to meet the needs of your business, ensure compliance with local land use laws and perform due diligence and analysis in your case. We are experienced in providing legal service, writing letters and drafting zoning opinions, securing your purchase.  The sale of development rights and representing your interests in the event of legal dispute. Whether you are facing a zoning dispute or you need counsel to ensure compliance with building regulations, our firm can help. We are dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of New York zoning law and effectively can protect your rights and property investments. We take the time to understand your interests and objectives, develop a strategic approach and work tirelessly on your behalf. We know that time is money in real estate development and transactions, and we act quickly to achieve results.