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Practice Areas

Personal Injury

If you've been injured in any type of accident where someone else's misconduct played a part, it's possible that you could end up filing a lawsuit in order to get compensation for your medical bills and other losses. Your case is thoroughly investigated at the outset in order to develop a strategy for a successful outcome. At our firm, your case is handled from inception through trial by the partner assigned to the case and will never be passed off to an associate. With over thirty years of experience in negotiation and litigation of personal injury cases, whether motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall cases, industrial accidents, fire, we can help.


Whether you are unable to pay your mortgage, had a car accident, were the victim of fraud or misconduct, or find yourself in a business dispute with partners, you could find yourself a party to a lawsuit. We handle all aspect of litigation, from initial investigation to draft and service of pleadings, discovery, motion practice, jury and non-jury trials, mediation and arbitration, judgment enforcement, and appellate argument. We are licensed in all New York State Courts and all Federal Courts in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. If you are being sued, or need to start a lawsuit, we can help.

Real Estate

We have decades of experience in all manner of real estate and land use issues. We help with purchase and sales of homes, apartments, coops and condos, commercial and business properties, lease issues, landlord-tenant disputes (both commercial or residential), zoning and land use issues, building permit and housing violations, building code violations, rezoning, variances, adverse possession, partition, foreclosures. If you have a legal issue concerning real estate, we can help.

Entertainment and Music Law

We provide real world, practical, experience-based advice to our entertainment clients. Whether you are an artist or creator, venue or label, promoter or manager, we can help. Recording and distribution, live performance, publishing and administration issues, royalty collection, copyright, trademark and trade names, performance rights organizations like ASCAP and BMI, collective rights management organizations like PPL or SoundExchange, contract drafts and reviews, business formation. Do you know how your music and art generate royalty income? Do you know how that money is collected and paid to you? We think you should. We can help.

Financial Problems

If you are facing creditors, you should not and need not do so alone. We have decades of experience helping people and businesses with financial problems. We can assist with personal loan and credit card problems, negotiation and settlement of debts, bankruptcy, foreclosure, debt collection and consumer rights law. Are you receiving harassing phone calls? Is your salary being garnished? Have you been served with legal papers? Whether you are facing a limited short-term problem, or you have had long-term, ongoing financial problems and are ready to do something about them, we can help.

Corporate and Business

Have a business idea? Just getting started in a new business? Whether its forming a corporation or limited liability company (an LLC), drafting a partnership agreement, protecting your brand, drafting and review of employment agreements, operating agreements, business contracts or forms, sales or purchase of a business, or winding down, dissolutions and business break ups, we can help.